Anonymous sent: Could you pity a poor overwhelmed reader and help me understand what just happened in Tokyo Ghoul?



okay, no, being serious now. here’s the cliffnotes:

Very unexpectedly, the leaked chapter 143 for next week showed that it is the FINAL chapter of the manga.

Things this final chapter shows:

-Amon is definitely dead. 

-Shinohara is braindead and Suzuya blames himself

-Kaneki is dead and was turned into a quinque (the scans going around only loosely translated a line in this scene where they’re like, but what will come out, black, or white? HAHA), hence all the briefcase posts/jokes trying to deal with the trauma

-Tsukiyama is still crying on a rooftop. Nishiki is with him. A radio boxout says ghoul extermination in the operation area is 99%

-Yoshimura (the Manager) is in one of those liquid tubes at Aogiri. Ayato, Eto, Naki are all seen alive. 

-Banjou and Hinami are alive.

-Hide is missing, presumed dead.

-Anteiku is rubble and Touka is crying and trying to believe Kaneki will come back like he promised. Yomo is with her.

-Uta is the leader of the Pierrot (the clown gang), and Itori’s in it with him (it seems that they are the ones who sold Anteiku out to the CCG), and they basically think everything is amazingly ~tragic~ and are wondering what they’re gonna fuck with for fun now. 

So yeah. All those great ideas we all had yesterday about where it was all going from here and how it would turn out? Blood and tears all over the floor now. 

Kaneki warned us right at the start, I suppose. But this was all still super sudden and so many loose ends and just.


No, there’s no news/hints/etc about any possible sequel/continuation/series set in the same world yet. There’s a post going around, but the announcement shown in it is from a different old manga, not Tokyo Ghoul. No, there’s not another chapter coming on Sept 18th - that’s this chapter, 143, which we’re seeing leaked scans of preview copies of.

For now all we can do is cry together, and laugh hysterically at briefcase jokes, and write porn and fixit fic, and see what happens.